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Aluminium Scrap Metal Prices

Aluminium Scrap

$500 – $2,200 per tonne

Aluminium Scrap Metal Prices in Sydney, Australia​


Aluminium is one of the widely used metals. It finds extensive use across several industries. Considering its demand for varying applications, it is also a preferred metal in the recycling industry.

If you have a large volume of aluminium scrap lying around, give us a call. At Sydney Copper Scrap, we offer the most competitive scrap aluminium prices in Sydney. We purchase all types of aluminium scrap both from individuals and commercial establishments. Backed by resources and a strong network of professionals, we offer reliable scrap collection, transportation, and recycling, followed by immediate payments.

We Buy and Recycle Aluminium Scrap From


No matter what kind of aluminium scrap you have, Sydney Copper Scrap is at your service. We purchase and recycle the following aluminium scrap products by offering the best price in the industry.

  1. Aluminium wires.
  2. Aluminium castings and cuttings. 
  3. Automotive parts. 
  4. Aluminium kitchenware.
  5. Containers, cans, and bottles. 
  6. Furniture and equipment. 
  7. Window frames, roofing panels, roller shutters, cladding, etc. 


How Can We Help You Recycle Your Scrap


At Sydney Copper Scrap, we adhere to a simplified procedure to help our customers get rid of their scrap aluminium at a fair price. With years of experience and a good reputation in the industry, we take pride in providing our customers free scrap aluminium pickup from their premises. You can schedule a free scrap pickup with us from anywhere in Sydney. 

To get an instant quote, you can reach out to our professionals on <contact no>. Apart from hassle-free scrap collection, we also ensure to provide you with the best return on your investment. 

Note: The current scrap aluminium price per tonne is between $500 – $2,200. However, the final price of your aluminium scrap is likely to depend on its grade and quality.