Brass Scrap Price Guide


Approximate Price Range



Between $1.26 to $ 2.65 per kg

Brass Scrap Prices Sydney


Brass is an extensively used metal for manufacturing plumbing fixtures, tools, machines, computer parts, and many more. Considering its wide use across multiple industries, it is also a sought-after scrap metal alloy. It enjoys good demand in the recycling industry segment. 


At Sydney Copper Scrap, we specialize in brass scrap collection and recycling. We are known to offer the best Scrap Brass Price in Sydney. If you have a large volume of brass scrap lying uselessly, you can reach out to us to turn your scrap into a handsome source of income. 

Though we endeavor to provide the highest return on your scrap, it may not always be the same. This is because the Brass Scrap Sydney Prices often fluctuate due to change in market prices for the brass metal. 

Scrap Specialists Offering You the Best Brass Scrap Price Per Kg.


The current Brass Scrap Price Per Kg is between $1.26 to $ 2.65 depending on the type of Brass.

However, these prices are subject to change regularly, so head over to a reputed scrap Buyer Company to accurately weigh and examine your metal. At Sydney Copper Scrap, we have experienced appraisers to grade and assess your scrap metal to offer you the best prices available in the scrap market. 

At Sydney Copper Scrap, we recycle varied types of brass scrap products, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Brass pipes. 
  2. Lamp fittings. 
  3. Plumbing fittings. 
  4. Light fittings and electrical sockets
  5. Computer parts. 
  6. Handrails, bolts & locks
  7. Ornaments. 
  8. Gunmetal brass. 
  9. Letterboxes & window fittings
  10. Hose fittings and garden taps. 
  11. Vehicle parts. 
  12. Mechanical brass products. 
  13. Musical instruments and many more. 

Free Brass Metal Pickup in Sydney


At Sydney Copper Scrap, we arrange a free pick up for the collection of scrap from your location. To avail our services you can reach out to us on +61 423 705 147 or request us a quick online quote. 

For brass scrap collection, we have a well-equipped advanced fleet, tools, and equipment operated by trained and certified staff. Our experienced staff members assist you at every step to ensure you get the quick and precise payment for your scrap. 


How To Secure Best Brass Scrap Price in Sydney?

The recycling price of brass depends on the specific type of brass material. Also, several other factors such as color or grade may impact the price of your brass scrap. To get maximum return on your brass investment makes sure to follow the given steps:

  1. Segregate your scrap based on its cleanliness. Painted, coated, or dirty brass Scrap Price is likely to be much lower than what you may get for clean brass scrap. 
  2. Remove non-metal attachments as they may degrade brass scrap price per kg. 
  3. Remove other metal attachments such as zinc, etc, if any. 
  4. Scrap products should be devoid of any foreign objects such as steel screws, bolts, or other fittings. 
  5. Determine the alloy designation number of your scrap as prices of brass metal scrap vary depending on its specific alloy type. 

For more information on brass scrap prices, contact us today!