North Shore Metal Recycling in Sydney


North Shore metal Recycling – What should be taken into account?

Practically our life is supported by metals. We can find them in both, iron and non- iron. In many products, from cans and containers to household appliances and automobiles, it is generally taken as scrap, it is considered as waste, and it fills landfills. Don’t you think that’s enough reasons to recycle metals? We tell you some more reasons before you draw conclusions.

Price Of Scrap Metal –

The Prices listed below are indicative only and may not reflect price for larger volumes.




Price/ kg

Stainless Metal

304 – 316 grades including sheet, pipe, wire and sinks

$1.05 – $2.50


Sheet and pipe free from Metal

$1.87 – $2.00

Electric Motors

Electric motors with basketball size, no attactments and no circuit boards

$ 0.55– $0.90



Price / tonne


More than 5mm thick

$160 – $300

Clean Light

Less than 5 mm thick without glass plastics, or other contaminants

$150 – $250

White Goods

Includes items such as ovens, washing machines, clothes dryers etc.

$70 – $150

Heavy Insize

More than 5mm thick and less than 1 meter in length


Where are the metals obtained?

They are obtained through mining and extraction. The biggest problem is that it is a non-renewable resource, meaning that its use has to be optimized to preserve reserves and minimize human action in these processes which cause enormous damage to the environment.

And it is not only about saving resources: recycling metal saves a lot of energy and water that would involve working from its source.

What metals can be recycled?

The ones we have at home can be composed in different ways. Its treatment will have to be divided into several phases in which the components are separated to be used for plants that can take advantage of them according to certain common classifications:

– Metal: It is common and it is very abundant among the discards of consumer goods, such as old cars, household appliances, cans, and nails, without forgetting also the scrap coming from industrial works.

– Aluminum: The cans of soda are the most common objects with this material that are taken to recycling.

– Other Metals to consider: Copper, brass, lead, gold, silver, etc., can be recycled.

Where can you recycle it?

If you have metals to recycle, what is better than opting for North Shore Metal Recycling? They provide any type of recycling solution. They are professional in this industry. Besides that, North Shore Metal offer convenient, quick, and hassle-free pickup from your location