Scrap Copper Price Guide


Approximate Price Range



  $4,500 – $12,000 per tonne

NOTE: Copper Scrap Metal Prices in Sydney are subject to vary on daily basis. 

Get the Most Competitive Scrap Copper Prices in Sydney


Copper is one of the most reused metals. Over 75% of copper products are made using recycled copper. Therefore, this metal finds great demand in the recycling industry. If you have a large quantity of scrap copper, in any form, whether pipe, sheet, or wire, selling it to a scrap metal dealer company is an excellent option to avail a good return on your investment. 

At Sydney Copper Scrap, we collect, sort, dismantle and recycle copper scrap using industry standards. We are renowned for offering the best Copper Price in Sydney and neighboring areas. Our scrap pickup vehicles are equipped with industrial scales to accurately weigh your copper metal and ensure on-the-spot payment for your metal on the same day. 

So why let your metal scrap pile up uselessly unnecessarily, reach out to Sydney Copper Scrap today to turn your scrap into cash.

We Buy And Recycle The Scrap Copper From:


  1. Copper cables and wires. 
  2. Copper boilers. 
  3. Stripped and unstripped data cables. 
  4. Stripped and unstrapped electrical cables. 
  5. Radiator copper cores. 
  6. Copper sheets and claddings.
  7. Electric motors and their windings. 
  8. Copper bars and ingots. 
  9. Copper tubes, pipes, and many more. 

How Can We Help You Recycle Your Scrap Copper?


At Sydney Copper Scrap, we adhere to the best practices for recycling your scrap copper. Employing state-of-art machines and equipment, we can process a large quantity of scrap copper. For scrap metal collection, we have our own fleet of vehicles, handling tools, equipment, and a team of professionals. Our free scrap collection services are available all across Sydney. Regardless of you need copper cable recycling or any other product, we ensure to provide you the very best price per kg scrap in the market.

However, the price of your scrap material may depend on several factors such as metal grade, color, etc.

To schedule a free pickup for scrap metal contacts our specialist on +61 423 705 147 .


How to Secure the Best Copper Scrap Metal Prices in Sydney?


To avail optimum return on your scrap metal here are some important things you need to know.

  1. Copper is available in different grades. So, if possible you can segregate your scrap copper material based on different grades such as insulated wires, bare bright wires, copper tubing/flashing, and likewise. 
  2. Clear away all non-metal accessories from your metal scrap. 
  3. Remove other metals such as screws, joints, fixtures, or anything apart from copper. 
  4. Segregate painted or coated copper scrap from clean scrap. 

Paying attention to these simple steps will help you fetch a higher scrap copper price per kilo.

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