Overview of Aluminum Recycling Process

Aluminum is a silver and grey colored element that is found in abundance on our planet. It is a soft and versatile metal that plays a vital role in forming the earth’s crust. Due to its corrosion resistance property, the element is used in various household products and aerospace industries.

Although aluminum is often considered as a cheap and widely available metal, the same was rarely observed in the earth with expensive prices. Just like copper scrap, Aluminum can also be recycled to 100% and the surprising fact is that the metal never loses its quality during the process. The recycling procedure of aluminum takes 5% of energy and discharge only 5% of greenhouse gases. This is the major reason why aluminum is demanded by a large number of people in today’s era.

Where can you find Aluminum scrap?

Aluminum is one of the most frequently used metals in everyone’s life. Apart from household products, this metal is widely utilized in creating soda cans, bicycles, and constructing the car engines. Some other places where aluminum scrap can be observed are:

  • Drink Cans
  • Pots and pans
  • Window frames
  • Doors
  • Car parts
  • Ladders
  • Mag wheels
  • Aluminum scrap wire
  • Scooter engine
  • Cooker and much more

The mining process of aluminum is very costly and utilized much energy causing hazardous health problems in wildlife and destroying the ecosystem. However, some studies also state that the use of aluminum is tolerated by the flora and fauna. Though the demand of the Aluminum scrap is enhancing day by day, the global warming and other such issues have become the major challenges to access its huge mining.

Aluminum is also present in antiperspirants and antacids. Its consumption not associated with any side-effects still some people having allergy from aluminum can experience vomiting, digestive disorders, contact dermatitis, and other health-related issues. Unlike other heavy metals, aluminum does not contain toxins.

The aluminum scrap price is dependent on various factors; especially it is calculated on the basis of metal’s pureness. If you want to sell the pure aluminum then it may cost much more than that of combined aluminum with an iron.

Since this metal is exported in various parts of the world, the aluminum scrap price alters according to the exchange rates of the country and demand for the metal. Similarly, the scrap wire price, scrap copper prices, and scrap cable prices vary as per their demands and availability.

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