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Be it a business that produces a lot of scrap frequently or a house’s basement where the scrap keeps piling up, you can easily put together tons or scrap which just lies unused. Most of us prefer to keep the scrap there itself as taking it out, sorting it and then taking it to the scrap yards is often a tedious process.

But that’s an old story mentioned above. These days you have companies that easily come to your place, pick up the entire scrap, weigh it and offer you the best prices for something that is useless for you. So if you are planning to sell off your copper scrap for money, check out some of the aspects to keep in mind.

Vehicles and measuring scales

If you are choosing a company that would come and pick up your scrap batteries or wires, ask them about the vehicle they will bring and the measuring scales they use. Although there is nothing special in this as all of them uses digital scales and well equipped vehicles, it is important to inform them about a rough quantity of the scrap so that they bring a truck accordingly.

Type of Scrap

Different scrap recycling companies deal in different types of scraps and therefore if you are not choosing someone that deals in all kinds of scraps, take a look at your scrap to analyze what kind of scrap it is. It can be aluminium scrap, copper, brass, wires, batteries, etc. So look for a company that deals in the kind of scrap you want to sell to get the best price.

Compare prices

Try calling a few local scrap yards before you finalize the deal with any specific one. Doing this will help you find out what is being the price that is offered in the market for the scrap you have. Once you’ve done all of your comparisons, then choose someone that offers the most satisfying deal. While doing this, also look for a company that doesn’t charge you extra for picking up your scrap as there are many who offer this in their purchase package itself.

Taking the money immediately

You would come across a lot of scrap dealers who refuse to pay for your scrap immediately. However, it is advisable that you sell your scrap only if you are getting full price for it instantly. This eliminates the risks involved of getting cheated.

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